In Circles

…the quartet packs a vicious punch, yet more important, spawns a marvel of ingenuity […] It’s open-ended yet uncannily cohesive. The sum of the perpetually moving parts will rarely sound the same on each subsequent listen. And there lies the beauty of it, since the mind is often a restive entity. Therefore, Geisser’s aural concoction provides the requisite stimulus for that so-called ninety percent of brain space most of us never use.
Glenn Astarita

Heinz Geisser - percussion
Eiichi Hayashi - alto saxophone
Takayuki Kato - electric guitar, toys
Yuki Saga - voice, whistle, toys

In Circles represents a confluence of Japanese and European improvisers, Heinz Geisser from Switzerland with Japanese Eiichi Hayashi, Yuki Saga and Takayuki Kato. 

In Circles, Airegin Yokohama, April 20, 2009, Photo by Ryoichi Aratani

Heinz Geisser, an internationally known percussionist, gaining popularity in the 90’s with the unit "Collective 4tet" has played with many Japanese musicians on his numerous trips to Japan. Saxophonist Eiichi Hayashi, well known to the Japanese jazz audience, is an excellent improviser who crosses over the boundaries of jazz. Yuki Saga is a unique performer who uses her voice as an instrument to create an original world of music, aroused by emotions. Takayuki Kato, also known as a visual artist, is an unusual guitarist who uses electronics and pursues an experimental sound which exceeeds the parameters of free jazz.

Triggered by each other’s performance, each player’s voice spontaneously intertwines to create a single space. As multilayered sound develops with stillness and movement, dense yet active performance unfolds in an introspective world with delicate yet active interplay.
(from liner notes by Kazue Yokoi/translated by Sarah Rumme)



In Circles

Heinz Geisser - Takayuki Kato - Yuki Saga - Eiichi Hayashi

Yokohama Airegin Records STM-008


On Bashamichi Avenue

Heinz Geisser - Eiichi Hayashi - Takayuki Kato - Yuki Saga
Leo Records LR 583

Contact:, for Japan (Saga Yuki's Web Site)