Collective 4tet

New Music Composed & Performed by

The Collective 4tet in 1997 at Queen Elisabeth Hall, London with Jeff Hoyer - trombone (integral member from 1994 - 2006)

New line-up since 2008

Heinz Geisser - percussion
Arthur Brooks - trumpet, flugelhorn
Mark Hennen - piano
William Parker - bassviolin

Inititiated by percussionist Heinz Geisser in 1992 the Collective 4tet creates music on the highest level of musical interplay. The four musicians perform at a creative peak composing each piece of music in real time and making each of their performances a unique musical adventure. As British reviewer George Kerr wrote:

"...there is a telepathic coordination and cohesion which makes the listening easy. Approaching each piece with a blank mental state - a jazz tabula rasa - the Collective 4tet seems to generate both subject matter and interpretation out of thin air."

Their music has also been compared to abstract expressionist painting for its explosive energy and dynamic range of sounds and rhythms beyond traditional musical structures. The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD which rates the Collective 4tet's album "ORCA" a four star recording (4th & 5th Edition, optimum rating: ****), notes:

"Abstract Expessionism is much misunderstood. Woed by the idea of `action` painting, to many reviewers tend to see in it mere gesture, form without substance. This is a more relevant point than it might seem in this context, because those who write about the Collective Quartet (or 4tet, as they seem to prefer) almost invariably draw their analogies from fine art. Nothing wrong with that, provided no one is misled into thinking that this is shapelessly abstract music. It is packed with melodic figures which rise out of the ensemble sound in much the way intelligent shapes emerge out of Jackson Pollocks's shimmering surfaces."

The Collective 4tet has toured the United States and Europe and has recorded for Swiss National Radio and BBC. Their five CDs "Ropedancer", "Orca", "Live at Crescent", "Synopsis" and "Moving Along" on Leo Records were praised by international critics including several four star ratings in the Penguin Guide to Jazz (9th Edition).

2006 was marked by the early death of Jeff Hoyer but the group reassembled with trumpeter Arthur Brooks in 2008.

"In Transition", released on Leo Records in 2009, is the first album in the new line-up.

Collective 4tet on Leo Records

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