Heinz Geisser

„Heinz Geisser is nothing less than omnidirectional.
Chris Kelsey

Heinz Geisser (*1961 in Zurich, Switzerland) musician and composer studied classical guitar with Ermano Maggini and classical percussion with Horst Hofmann at the Zurich Music Conservatory. By his mid-twenties he was awarded the soloist diploma on classical guitar. Self-taught on jazz guitar his first recording was in 1988 with Swiss saxophonist Urs Blöchlinger. In the early 90’s however, drums and percussion became his main instrument and further on he has been focusing on improvised music. During an extended visit to New York City he formed the Collective 4tet with Mark Hennen, Jeff Hoyer and William Parker in 1992. Their half a dozen albums on Leo Records have received outstanding reviews including several four star ratings in the Penguin Guide to Jazz.

For the last two decades Heinz Geisser has performed and recorded with many leading artists in the USA, Europe and Asia including Guerino Mazzola, Sirone, Mat Maneri, Rob Brown, Arthur Brooks, Scott Fields, Elliott Levin, Alfred Zimmerlin, Shiro Onuma, Eiichi Hayashi, Takayuki Kato, I Wayan Sadra, among many others. Heinz Geisser has produced over 30 albums released on US and EU Labels such as Leo Records, Black Saint, Music&Arts, Silkheart Records, Cadence Jazz Records, Ayler Records etc. A collaboration with Indonesian filmdirector Garin Nugroho has led to the music documentary “Teak Leaves at the Temples”. The movie premiered in 2008 at the international filmfestivals Rotterdam and Hongkong. 2012 marks the release of his first album with Ensemble 5 on Leo Records. Their following albums „The Summary of 4 Vol.1 & Vol.2’’ have been awarded by The New York City Jazz Record among „Best of 2014’’. 

Contact: heinz@geisser.com